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evankasprzak's Journal

Evan Kasprzak
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Welcome to Evan Kasprzak's fan community. Please JOIN if you want to support Evan, and post whatever (pictures, icons, video, scans, discussion posts). Pretty much everything is welcome, as long as it's related to Evan.

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+ Please title & tag your posts to make things easy to find!

+ There is no place here for bashing of other So You Think You Can Dance finalists. Please share your opinion in a respectful manner.

+ Be respectful to everyone. Meaning Evan, his family, his friends, and his fans. (Even though we do love Ryan, his brother, remember that this community is solely supporting Evan.)

+ Mean spirited comments and bashing will not be tolerated.

+ Fanfiction should not be posted here. Fanart, however, is encouraged.

+ We reserve the right to delete posts that do not contribute to the spirit in which this community was created. And we reserve the right to determine what that spirit is.

+ Proper LJ-cuts used when necessary. If there is an issue with your post and it is not resolved in a timely manner, you will be notified and your post will be deleted.

Your mod is closeyoureyes. If you have any questions, suggestions etc. please contact her.


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